Gold Miner

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Description: Play game Gold Miner on! The game Gold Miner is the best games on game friv 4.

Gold Miner is the original game that started the Gold Miner series. In the Classic version, you have to reel in gold and rock as fast as you can before your time runs out. Every stage will challenge you with a different set up of gold, rocks, and the always exciting mystery bags. You will have a goal in money that you will have to meet by hauling in gold and what have you. Try to avoid the gray rocks as much as you can because they are slow to reel in and give you hardly any cash at all. The diamonds are worth the most and they get reeled in really, really quickly. The only drawback is that they are small and therefore hard to grab. Using dynamite can mean the difference between success and failure. If you accidentally start pulling up a large rock, toss a stick of dynamite at it. You can buy dynamite in the stores between stages by spending your cash.
All kind Gold mining games, play free gold miner online. Gold collector.<br />Use mouse or arrow keys to adjust the needle, Then click down or mouse left to send the needle to collect the gold miner, All Gold miner games are free..
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